From selecting organic Rain Forest Alliance Certified beans to micro-roasting in order to achieve optimum flavor and freshness, The Pie Hole coffees are guaranteed to make you happy, one cup at a time. Directed by Andy Schlachtenhaufen. Music by Jonathan Lang. @thepieholela

Our coffee is always organic and ethically sourced, and we take great pride in our premium coffee menu. We guarantee it will be the best coffee experience you've ever had.

Making the Third Wave Coffee Movement accessible to the masses, in a franchise-friendly format.

  • Organic House Blend: Our signature blend is a premium selection of Fair Trade Organic beans, medium roasted with a delicious full body.
  • The Pie Hole Espresso: Chocolate and Cherry with a hint of citrus and a syrupy body. Straight or with milk!
  • Cold Brew: Low acid, rich, and floral with flavors of chocolate and vanilla.
  • Pie Hole Nitro Iced Coffee: The Pie Hole is one of the few coffee brands, in the country, to offer cold brewed iced coffee served on tap using nitrogen.